Web based applications are everywhere, everyone uses them every day.  But not all web based applications are created equal.  This area of technology is a very fast moving and constantly evolving technology.  The days of a simple backend PHP script are gone.  Now it is distributed micro architectures at multiple locations in the cloud.  Just about every web site has or needs an API for access via portable devices or even for other web sites to pull or update data.

All of this presents some new challenges, number one is the security of the host site, how to build it so that it is resilient and can take advantage of the “cloud” architecture.  Plus there is the added problem of how to manage and distribute updates in a highly distributed environment.

These are all problems that we specialize in.  We can develop in multiple languages across multiple platforms.  We can recommend solutions to the problems, just a few were listed above.

Many times we are brought into a project in a consulting role as a sounding board for the architecture design of the web application to make sure the design is sound as well as the security of the data that is being transferred.  If your website is due for an upgrade but your not sure where to start with the new technologies, we can help you get started on the right foot.

We are here to help you, even if it is just giving you an overview of the different options that are available.